From 04 December 2019 to 05 December 2019


Tourcoing, France

“NWE Making an impact!” is aimed firstly at project partners as well as decision makers at European, national and local level. Over a day and a half, this transnational event will focus on the results achieved by the 83 NWE projects funded so farand how to further support their uptake and impact.

Join this event and get insights about our 2 Interreg NWE projects ACE-Retrofitting and HeatNet. On 4th December, you can enjoy a site visit to the pilot city of Kotrijk which is on its journey towards 4th generation district heating and low carbon heat. On the 5th December, don’t miss “The pathway to high-performance buildings” workshop where HeatNet NWE and ACE-Retrofitting partners will discuss for instance synergies between renovation and low carbon infrastructure”.

Registration is opened until 15th November