Green financing: unlocking the local energy transition

An interactive workshop organised by the OÖ Energiesparverband (the regional energy agency of Upper Austria), in the context of the H2020 PROSPECT project and part of the European Energy Efficiency Conference and the World Sustainable Energy Days

The local energy transition requires investments in buildings, transport and public infrastructure. Often, investment capital is available in public and private funds, but bridging the gap to concrete project implementation remains a big challenge. Having a toolbox of smart financing instruments and programmes is like a key to the local energy transition – it unlocks possibilities.

Are you working on the local and regional energy transition but having trouble finding suitable financing solutions to implement sustainable energy investment projects?

Join our workshop “Green financing: unlocking the local energy transition” and learn about which instruments work in what contexts and how they can be successfully applied in your region or city:

  • increase your knowledge and understanding of smart financing schemes
  • exchange with peers on your projects, achievements and potential future collaborations
  • attend other sessions of the European Energy Efficiency Conference and benefit from the comprehensive package it offers
  • visit a leading sustainable tradeshow with 1,600 exhibiting companies   

Mark your calendar and come expand your toolbox for a successful energy transition in your region or city!