The Nature of Cities festival



From 29 March 2022 to 31 March 2022

TNOC Festival pushes boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future. A virtual festival that spans 3 full days with programming across all regional time zones and is provided in multiple languages. A core philosophy of the festival is to foster inclusivity and lower barriers to participation. The festival focuses on facilitating transdisciplinary dialogue, small group workshops, arts engagement, and fostering a collaborative spirit around solutions for how to build cities that are better for nature and all people.

Energy Cities’ events:

Sick of energy poverty! How to create programs that improve health and eliminate energy poverty – 30th March – 11.00 -> 12.30

Cities leading the climate neutrality transition through local climate pacts – 30th March – 16.00 -> 17.30

Transition management for cities – 31th March – 11.00 -> 12.30

Leading the climate transition from the bottom up – 31th March – 16.00 -> 17.30