Cities leading the climate neutrality transition through local climate pacts



The 30 March 2022 from 16:00 until 17:30



Local authorities play a key role in driving the transition of Europe to climate-neutrality. In parallel to reducing energy consumption from the buildings, boosting public transport and soft mobility, deploying local renewable energy sources, municipalities play a key role in engaging their community in the transition.

Some municipalities have become pioneers in innovating their local governance and supporting initiatives in their territories. To accelerate the transition to a greener and climate-neutral Europe, it is crucial that all local actors – knowledge institutions, businesses, and the civil society – become part of the thinking of a transition roadmap as well as of its implementation as there are no small actions.

This session will guide us through some of the most inspiring examples of local governance in Europe which have led to an accelerate climate and energy transition. The contributors will also highlight the key drivers to set-up such partnerships to transform the local ecosystem.