Let’s plant seeds together

And guess which one will get bigger in a few months!


Publication date

November 30, 2022

November is a great time to plant bare-root fruit trees, which are dormant when planted but then have the full season to grow as soon as temperatures increase in spring. Trees such as apple, pear, cherry and plum can be planted now, along with blackcurrant, raspberry and gooseberry. But also many beans and early peas !

At Energy Cities we will do the same: we are proposing to our members some advocacy priorities to ensure that cities have more means for their food strategies , we are planting seeds and we will see which ones grow best at Spring time !

So what is your guess on which one will get bigger in a few months ?

  • An exchange programme by DG AGRI (European Commission Directorate for the Common Agricultural policy) for cities to design their municipal local food strategy;
  • A phase-out fossil fertilisers regulation campaign : by associating municipalities with other organisations promoting local healthy and regenerative food production systems;
  • A land-use in cities exploratory study to base our next campaign asking for another use of urban space (“less car, more care”), finding new land potential to grow more food locally;
  • A pioneer experiment in different cities for local food markets reinventing the role of municipalities to be the go-between producers and consumers; ensuring to farmers a regular income and to consumers good quality products (and if this experiment is financed by DG AGRI and the massive Common agricultural policy , it is better);
  • A ‘food social security’ system advocacy campaign, which would first define it and the role of municipalities to ensure every citizen can access good food. This would contribute to a wider conversation of a “resources social security” > the good living standard for food, heat, water, energy, clean transport….with a social tariff; while anything above the need would be taxed as “it’s too much tariff”

We need your views to know what we should concentrate our efforts on, and to know in which conversation you want to be part!

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