Myth buster on gases and renewable heating technologies



Mélanie Bourgeois
Julien Joubert
David Donnerer
Marie Royer

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EU Renewable Energy Policy

Natural gas accounts for about 45% of European households heating. It is the most widely used energy but is perceived as less environmentally damaging than it really is. Renewable heating solutions are still rare, although they represent a great opportunity to decarbonise heating. Too little known, they are subject to a large number of preconceived ideas.

In this paper, we intend to debunk the myths on fossil gas and renewable heating technologies to clarify the path toward fossil-free buildings.

Which myths on fossil gas should be dismissed today?

  • Myth 1: Natural gas can be green and clean
  • Myth 2: Natural gas is a necessary “bridge” fuel towards a cleaner heating system
  • Myth 3: Hydrogen is a like-for-like solution to replace natural gas in home heating.
  • Myth 4: All biogases are always sustainable 

Which myths are preventing the deployment of Renewable heating technologies?

  • Myth 1: Renewable heating provides less comfort for households especially in winter
  • Myth 2: Renewable heating technologies are too expensive to install
  • Myth 3: Renewable heating technologies are too expensive to run compared to fossil fuels ones
  • Myth 4: All current energy consumption must be substituted with renewables
  • Myth 5: The grid cannot handle the electrification of heat
  • Myth 6: Renewable heating technologies cannot be installed in old, non-renovated buildings

Find out what lies behind these myths in our paper.