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We support cities and citizens in creating their energy community.

What makes an energy community inclusive?

Very often, still, energy community members have that same profile: they are white, well educated, male…And still, citizen and community energy is meant to be open to all! How can we get to a stronger diversity? What is missing to make it appealing to all groups of society, no matter their gender, race, religion, income, condition?
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Why are local governments key to community energy?

There are so many ways through which local governments can support and kick-off energy communities. From Bulgaria to Belgium, city leaders demonstrate what is possible. This article sums up some of the great options!
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Solar energy tour: from neighborhood to neighbourhood

More than 80% of Croatians are yet to embrace renewable energy and a staggering 90% are unfamiliar with how to get permits for electricity self-production. Last November, the ZEZ team went on a mission to inform residents in Zagreb about the possibilities of citizen-led solar energy.
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Learning from Leuven in Belgium

Since it launched its energy community LICHT Leuven, the Belgian city Leuven has become quite an expert on city-citizen collaboration. Read this interview with Jasmien Jossart and Eline Evers, Energy coaches and consultants at the City of Leuven and with Christina Vogt, who is in charge of Communication & community management at Ecopower.
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Looking back at a year of community energy workshops

December, time to take stock: Over the past year, the LIFE LOOP journey has been marked by several in-person and online workshops, where partners shared knowledge about the benefits and practicalities of community energy.
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Fostering gender-diverse energy communities

Gender equality is a value the LIFE LOOP team is strongly defending and that will flow into each and every new energy community we are about to establish in our pilot and satellite cities! Here’s a brief overview of’s ‘gender power’ work.
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Best practice guide for community energy in South-East Europe

Citizens in the Balkan region have started testing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and adapting the concept of community energy in their context, improving in this way their local environment and livelihoods. Some of them do so in partnership with their local governments, notably those who are also partner in the LIFE LOOP project.
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Local Authorities Advancing Community Energy: A manifesto

Local authorities must play a leading role in driving a local, equitable transition. There is a great window of opportunity that local governments must seize. That is why the LIFE LOOP team, including cities and cooperatives, calls on local leaders to abide by the main pillars of this brand new Manifesto.
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Do you want to launch a city-citizen partnership in your own area or share experience or tools on community energy with others? Drop a line.