“Streets for children, streets for all”

A collective project to share and design public space in La Rochelle

This webinar is organised in the framework of the CitiZen project and the Living Streets project -Make the city of tomorrow visible today !

La Rochelle (75,000 inhabitants) is a touristic city on the French Atlantic coast that aims to become a slow town, meaning that 80% of the streets will be limited to a speed of 30 km/h in the coming years. The Living Streets offer the opportunity to experiment, to test life without cars and imagine a different use of public space. With this initiative, La Rochelle is using bicycles as a central tool, as it is not only seen as a transport mean, but is also used as a voluntary behaviour change factor.

The project Living streets has two targets in La Rochelle:

  1. Increase home to school travels by foot and by bike : The Children’s Street
  2. Develop the attractiveness of commercial areas in the city centre : evolving from a “no cars-no business” approach to a “customers are coming by bike-it’s nice and brings more quality of life and customers to our shops” approach

Birgitta Morin, Sustainable Mobility and cycling manager from the city of La Rochelle (France) explains us more about the Living Streets events in her city.

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Birgitta Morin


23 March 2017