Will you enter the matrix?

Our arguments to convince you

Is your city among the 37% of local authorities in Europe seeking innovative financing for their energy and climate actions? But also among the 89% sorely lacking internal capacities to reach that goal?*

Indeed, how to indentify the best financing schemes by sector, define where and how to invest, with which partners and according to which priorities? As many difficult questions you daily ask to yourself and that are only natural, because the issue is a complex one!

To help you see more clearly and go ahead in your financing choices, the H2020 PROSPECT project has developed a powerful decision-support tool, very simple to use and accessible for free on its website.

It consists of a decision-recommendations matrix , crossing:

  • Four sectors of territorial action: public buildings, private buildings, public lighting and cross-sectoral actions
  • The innovative financing schemes, relevant under each sector: energy performance contracting, third-party-financing, revolving funds, citizen finance, soft loans, green bonds
  • Your answers (YES/NO) to a set of 17 questions** to situate your city in regards to the contextual and financial pre-requisites, necessary to each financing schemes.

After comparing the results, the tool display them into simple graphics, enabling you to visualize at a glance the most suitable financing schemes by sector for your city.

Are you convinced? So, take the red pill and follow the white rabbit!

*According to the study « Sustainable energy investment in European local authorities : Report based on a survey by the Covenant of Mayors Office », May 2016

**These questions are base on a great benchmarking survey, made by PROSPECT to a hundred of cities and local authorities in Europe. They take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of each financing scheme, as well as the barriers identified in the different sectors.


Publication date

January 8, 2020