We are the European city network that defends a locally driven energy transition.

Croatia: a city and a regional energy agency join the Energy Cities network!

Croatia: a city and a regional energy agency join the Energy Cities network!

Two levels of governance, a shared idea of sustainable energy

Energy Cities is proud to welcome two new Croatian members: a city and a regional energy agency. These two communities are committed at their own […]

30 new factsheets on the energy transition!

30 new factsheets on the energy transition!

Zoom in on best practices in participative governance

Each city’s energy transition is different but they have one element in common: the active involvement of the local community to make their city greener […]

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Our next annual conference will take place in Heerlen, The Netherlands, on April 22-24 2020!


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The high cost of pointlessly burying the potential of deep geothermal in France

The high cost of pointlessly burying the potential of deep geothermal in France

Deep geothermal energy in Strasbourg is a potentially game-changing resource that can provide low carbon heat and electricity to homes and industry as well as […]

A little space to think

A little space to think

Policy op-ed by Claire Roumet

This week, my director colleagues (ICLEI Europe, Climate Alliance, CEMR, Eurocities, Fedarene), and I met with the faculty of new European Commissioners. Therefore, I would […]

Climate budget: a dialogue with Oslo

Climate budget: a dialogue with Oslo

Count your CO2 emissions the way you count your money

Last November, at the invitation of Energy Cities, Heidi Sørensen, Director of the City of Oslo’s Climate Agency and her colleague, Catrin Robertsen, met with […]

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City pathways to low-carbon models

MOLOC - MOrphologies LOw Carbon

This document synthesizes the major processes and events of the urban pathways to low-carbon models, each city will be highlighted individually for its unique context. Some basic information will help to paint the picture of each city along with their MOLOC actions and stakeholders.

Boosting energy retrofits in condominiums

Approaches for local authorities to facilitate change

Through this guide, partners from the EU-funded ACE Retrofitting project share their learnings on how to act as facilitators between co-owners in condominiums and building experts when it comes to energy retrofits.

The HOTMAPS toolbox

Supporting strategic heating & cooling planning at local level

This brochure will guide you through strategic heat planning. You will find out how the Hotmaps toolbox works and how it suppor tedthe pilot cities in their urban energy planning.


Plan a thematic sightseeing with your colleagues through any of our member cities to get equipped with new strategic ideas for your own city. We prepare tailor-made programmes based on your expectations on whom to meet, what to see and learn. Energy Cities’ broad knowledge of European local actions and its network of players built over the last 30 years enables us to organise the perfect trip for your delegation of public servants or elected people.

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Suvi Holm

How compatible is the Finnish soul with citizen participation?

Suvi Holm, City of Tampere

In this episode, we speak with Suvi Holm from the Finnish city of Tampere. Suvi is CEO of the non-profit environmental company Ekofellows (Ekokumppanit Oy). Ekofellows is owned by the municipality and advises citizens and companies on energy efficient measures and renewable energy.

Emmanuel Fontaine

“There were evenings when we almost gave up.”

Emmanuel Fontaine, City of Mouscron

Emmanuel Fontaine is both energy adviser at the City of Mouscron and one of the energy cooperative’s trustees. He told us about the long, but enriching process that led to the creation of this unique energy cooperative. According to this cheerful Belgian, with a clear passion for his work, such a project requires perseverance, tenacity and strong motivation.

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