Financing your energy projects: get top advice from your peers in other EU cities!

H2020 PROSPECT+ offers EU cities and regions a unique opportunity to increase their capacity on financing.

When it come to financing their sustainable energy and climate projects, local or regional authorities very often lack expertise and internal capacities to identify the most appropriate financing options and to get ready for their implementation.

To help them overcome this difficulty, PROSPECT+ partners have set up a capacity-building programme, enabling cities to gather in small groups, where they can share their questions and project ideas, and learn from another city more advanced on the implementation of financing solutions.

To make these learning activities the most relevant and beneficial to all, each group focuses on specific financing mechanisms (e.g. Energy Performance Contracting, third-party financing, crowd-funding, …) applied to one of the five PROSPECT+ thematic areas:

  • public buildings,
  • private buildings,
  • public lighting,
  • mobility,
  • and local energy production.

The groups are formed after a thorough match-making process, following calls for applications where mentors and mentees are invited to present their local context and to describe:

  • for mentors: the successful projects about which they can provide advice to other cities
  • for mentees: the local projects for which they seek for advice.

The first PROSPECT+ learning cycle started in March 2022 with about 40 local authorities. The next learning cycle will start in November 2022.
New calls for applications will open in July/August.
In between two calls for applications, you can also register your interest to be notified by email when we open calls for mentors and mentees.
For more info, please visit

Capacity-building groups are the core activity of PROSPECT+. But the project offers many other learning opportunities to anyone intersested in the topic of innovative financing, or to cities who consider applying and would like to get familiar to the project environement first:
You can for instance join our community of practice, attend our webinars on financing, or simply visit the project’s website, which fills up continuously with key resources on innovative financing. You will find there best practices, like the city of Križevci’s successful experience on crowdfunding for local renewable energy production, or a new online tool to calculate financial indicators for your energy projects.