Green Cities Forum: advancing inclusive transitions

When talking about Climate Neutrality, the Cities of TOMORROW speak the same language

For a whole week, Brașov hosted the Green Cities Forum, to show its commitment to a carbon-free future

The Green Cities Forum welcomed an International Conference on Environmental Public Policies, from 9 to 12 September, as well as community events to promote and advance the green transition, to educate, inform and raise awareness, from 6 to 12 September.

Supported by Covenant of Mayors Europe and Energy Cities, ABMEE – Brașov Local Energy Management Agency organised a satellite event dedicated to the Covenant of Mayors, during which the City of Brașov signed a new pledge committing to reach ambitious targets, revealing the results obtained after 10 years of Sustainable Energy Action Plan implementation, announcing the local vision for 2030 and the urge to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

“Our energy & climate targets need to be translated into clear and tangible objectives and actions. We will only achieve climate-neutrality globally by involving Mayors” 

Allen COLIBAN, Mayor of Brașov

The satellite event included a political exchange between Energy Cities’ members Brest Metropole, Valencia and Brașov, also pilot cities of the TOMORROW project. The #CitiesofTOMORROW joined forces to inspire other local and regional authorities across Europe, by providing useful information about future steps towards carbon neutrality, by sharing successful experiences as well as obstacles and ways to avoid them, by showing the higher standards they set (and how to achieve them) to improve their communities’ quality of life.

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Publication date

September 27, 2021