Meet you climate and energy goals with reduced dependence on subsidies

Support through H2020 PROSPECT+

The climate targets are increasingly ambitious and the scale of the challenge faced by local and regional authorities all across Europe requires increased use of other-than-subsidies financing instruments for investments in sustainable energy and low-emission mobility.

The webinar introduces you to the variety of innovative financing instruments and the opportunities to get in-depth understanding of their practical use through best-practice exchange with peers across Europe under a capacity-building project PROSPECT+.


Between 2017 and 2020, the EU-funded project PROSPECT brought together almost 200 local and regional authorities to share experience in innovative financing instruments for their sustainable energy and climate actions. It built upon successful innovative financing schemes implemented in 31 cities and regions, who acted as mentors in the PROSPECT learning journey that included a series of meetings and study visits for each group. Participants came from 29 European countries and exchanged knowledge on 18 innovative financing schemes.

Built on this success and the many lessons learned, the H2020 project PROSPECT+ (“From learning to action!”) has recently launched a new capacity-building programme for local and regional authorities. The programme focuses on innovative financing for energy and climate action with a strong focus on the crucial aspects of capacity building, decision-making and replication processes.