Climate assessment of local budgets: the case of Strasbourg, Paris & Oslo



The 08 June 2021 from 14:00 until 15:30



Looking at cities’ budget can steer change by tracking expenditures that contribute or are harmful to the ecological transition. For local authorities, it is particularly at the time of the vote of their budget that it is possible to question these expenditures and to direct them as much as possible towards the climate transition.

To meet these demands, the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) co-constructed with five French local authorities (cities of Paris and Lille, metropolises of Strasbourg, Lyon and Lille), the national environmental agency (Ademe), the Association of French Mayors (AMF), EIT Climate KIC and the association of large cities (France urbaine), a climate assessment framework of local authorities budget . This methodology freely available will be presented in the webinar with the testimony of local authorities pilots that have implemented the methodology.

Agenda & speakers:

  • Presentation of the new chapter of the Covenant of Mayors – Europe (Thibaut Maraquin, Covenant of Mayors – Europe office)
  • Presentation of the metholody “Climate assessment of local budgets” developed by I4CE (Morgane Nicol, Program Director – Territories, Antoine Goxe, Project manager Territories and Climate & Marion Fetet, Research fellow – Territories)
  • Insights from Strasbourg (Mikael Lux, Project manager of the Climate Plan for the City and Metropolis of Strasbourg)
  • Insights from Paris (Elsa Meskel, Projet manager for a low-carbon city at the City of Paris)
  • Insights from Oslo (Astrid S. Landstad, Climate advisor at the climate agency of the City of Oslo)
  • Questions & Answers

This event is also a Partner Event of the EU Green Week 2021 and organised with the support of the ADEME