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Local PACTs

How municipalities create their own COP21 - 2021

Local green deals vs local COPs: this could be a teaser for this publication… However, it would be too narrow in comparison to the overview […]

Impact Report 2020

We will collectively make stories and not only tell stories - 2021

2020 will forever be remembered as the year of the pandemic –
there is no escape from that. But while the pandemic forced changes on Energy Cities, just as it did for our member cities,
we continued to deliver on our promise to democratise,
decarbonise and decentralise the energy transition.

Climate Change Challenge

A Comic Book by EUKI Project BEACON - 2021

With this book the BEACON team seeks to convey the spirit of European collaboration and exchange on climate change to a wider audience of school […]

Success Stories from PROSPECT

- 2020

Over the past months, almost 200 local/regional authorities and agencies got to exchange and learn about innovative mechanisms to finance their sustainable energy and climate […]

Vision Workshop Toolbox

for Inspired Collaboration on Climate Neutrality - 2020

The ambition of the European Union (EU) to be climate neutral by 2050 is an important element of the EU’s climate policy and contribution to […]

Finance your sustainable and climate action: Experience from 195 public authorities in your hands for learning and replication

A comprehensive guide - 2020

Innovative financing is often an option for local energy and climate projects, but cities and regions need to know better how to activate and use […]

The one-stop-shop accelerator report

About the why, how and what of this European experimentation - 2020

The 11 partners of the INNOVATE project aimed at overcoming market barriers to deep energy-efficient retrofits of the private housing stock. They spent three years […]

Community Energy

A practical guide to reclaiming power - 2020

The energy transition needs you Welcome to your community energy handbook. This is your go-to guide, packed with instructions, practical tips and resources, to build […]

The Final National Energy and Climate Plans

EU countries still largely fail to acknowledge local authorities' key role - 2020

This report has verified to which extent the key role of local authorities was better reflected in the final National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), compared to the draft NECPs in 2019. We also provide recommendations on how EU countries should improve the acknowledgment of local authorities’ key role in their NECPs, in particular when updating their plans in 2023/24.

Workbook for urban transition makers

collaborative analytical tools to support sustainability transition in cities - 2020

TOMORROW’s Workbook for urban transition makers is a collection of collaborative analytical tools for change makers willing to contribute to sustainability transition in cities. More […]

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Our network’s know-how is meant to be spread and shared with those who do, like us, aim for a radical shift in the energy system. In this section we have gathered free studies, reports and recommendations that we have authored or co-authored. Each publication will inspire and guide you in your energy transition work.

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